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School Fundraiser Yielded 999% ROI from Graphic Design Marketing Campaign

January 16, 2015
graphic design marketing campaign school fundraiser 999 percent ROI pic

This simple print media marketing campaign designed by CG Design was instrumental in helping to generate a 999% return on investment (ROI). A local private Christian school, Christ Covenant in Winterville, NC initiated a fundraiser for it’s athletic program. This campaign was to kick start funding for the new sports complex that is a part of their plans for expanding grades K-12.

Their philosophy to sports follows the example established through the life of Jesus in the Bible.  Just as Jesus was a disciple-maker of those around him, coaches strive to train students and encourage them have a closer relationship with Christ. The goal of their sports program is to help students develop their athletic skills while building character and sportsmanship with Christian principles and self-discipline during practices as well as competitions. CG Design was honored to play a role in their marketing efforts.