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Ecommerce Website Design for an Eclectic Artist with an Inspiring Journey: Lost Cottage Art

February 21, 2015
graphic design website design of Lost Cottage Art pic

CG Design, a graphic design company in Greenville, NC just completed it’s newest graphic design website for If you aren’t familiar with Lost Cottage Art, then you’ll want to know more of their story.

The website design project is about a Greenville, NC eclectic artist, Billy Stinson, and his historic 1903 family cottage on the Outer Banks of NC. The cottage was a second getaway home for their family and friends. Then 2011 everything changed as the cottage was destroyed by a hurricane. It was tragic for his family, but also turned into an inspiration to rebuild their cottage. Thus, a journey was embarked upon by Billy’s family to become creative in raising funds to establish their home once again. This is how the website, came about. The images above are screenshots from his website.

CG Design was instrumental in having Billy Stinson’s art displayed online. CG Design customized a professional looking ecommerce website design with utilization of a user-friendly CMS and plugins that allow for SEO, analytics, social media, and others options to increase site traffic and track Return On Investment with real-time numbers.

If you don’t have a place on the web, then you are getting left behind. We are in a digital age where potential consumers are looking for your business or organization on the web as their first go-to source.