Digital Media

Website Design

Today most growing businesses have a website.  We are in a digital age where potential consumers are looking for your business or organization on the web as their first go-to source.  If you don’t have a place on the web, then you are behind the times.  CG Design uses the largest supported customizable WordPress builder to help your business outshine the rest.  We can customize a professional looking site with many options to choose from.

Our sites are best managed by the pros, but if you feel the need to manage your own, our customizable drag and drop platform makes it simple. By utilizing a user-friendly builder on the largest supported CMS and thousands of plugins, this allows for SEO, analytics, social media, and others options to increase your site traffic and track your Return On Investment with real-time numbers.  With so many options available, we are positive we can find a fit for your company or organization’s needs.  Services starting at $1,000

Website Hosting

Not only does CG Design create our own websites, but we also can provide hosting, domains and SSLs. While we can build on your current hosting plan (must support WordPress CMS environments and be configurable), we prefer to utilize our own servers. This allows for a smoother workflow and maintainability so that everything can be managed without involving other third-party services and logins.

The days are gone where 10 year old static HTML sites were built and left with only some minor text or images updates every so often. Our VPS Managed Hosting plan consists of 1-hour of monthly maintenance/design updates to keep your site running smoothly. We are often able to make minor updates to informational changes as-needed during this time. Design, adding pages or other services can be added as-needed for additional fees.

Dynamic CMS sites not only perform better and are more easily managed, but they require necessary updates to keep the platform, themes, and plugins tip top. While these can sometimes be neglected, it can expose your site to potential hackers and malicious code. Eventually your site may not work without proper maintenance.

While we do offer the ability for you to manage your own site and content at a lower rate, we highly encourage a managed plan. More often than not, our clients greatly appreciate this extra service and added security knowing that if something goes wrong they can rest assured we are on it.

VPS Managed hosting plans starting at $50/mo (paid annually and includes a TLD available domain name and Basic SSL).

Social Media Services

With social media being the forefront of community engagement, if you don’t have a presence on several platforms, then your business or organization will struggle to stay recognized among the millions of others boasting their services and products.

Interactive Dashboard
Through our interactive web-based dashboard, we can provide you the tools for consistency and the ability to engage your audience in the most efficient way. With stats and integrated analytics you can see what posts are top performers.

Customized Content
Having relevant curated and created content is essential to promoting your brand. If you are just posting random backlinks to other sites from time to time or an occasional update, you will fail to build and engage your audience effectively. We provide original content for your industry that will keep your feed buzzing.

Build Credibility
In order to have a following you need to first build credibility. Without interactive content being generated daily, you will soon lose any traction you may have gained after getting those new likes or followers. With continued and consistent exposure on your feeds, you will be able to engage your current audience and that help you have an advantage over your competitors.


    • Brand Recognition
    • Repeat Exposure
    • Industry authority & credibility
    • Enhanced trustworthiness
    • Increased SEO (Google’s algorithm likes social signals)
    • Advantage over competitors
    • Engages current audience and customers
    • Keeps feeds active and interesting


    • Choose 2 platforms (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn). More can be added for $25 per platform.
    • Content postings 5 days per week
    • 2 postings each of those 5 days (1 of the 2 daily post includes an image)
    • Expect 5 images a week either using images you supply or stock images we purchase
    • Industry Specific post relevant to the products and/or services you sell
    • Written as the business, self-promotional and positive about your company
    • Customer access to dashboard control panel
    • Review prepared content 7 days prior to posting
    • Image Creator with royalty free photos
    • Social planner if you still want to create own content
    • Statistics Overview to track post and engagement


    • Core sales messages about your business (Who you are, what you do, etc)
    • Testimonials about your company if provided
    • Awards and accreditations that you may have
    • Highlight specific products/services that you want us to focus on more than others
    • Tips, hints, advice, facts and/or historical trivia about industry
    • Links to your YouTube channel and videos within it (if exists)
    • Amusing memes
    • Motivational images
    • Reaction images
    • Relevant hashtags to encourage new traffic and follower
    • URL links back to your website to drive traffic


    • Anything to do with short lived promotions
    • Scheduling content from RSS new feeds
    • Constantly monitoring or creating new blog items (done via RSS feed tools)
    • Tweaking stock images to match your brand
    • Reactions or responses to comments or questions on your feed
    • Paid ads targeting new followers (although likely to increase organically)

We’ll make sure your social media feeds are buzzing with activity thats positive for your business all week, every week.

Services starting at $300/month (minimum 3 months)