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5 Steps to Designing a Great Favicon

July 27, 2018

If you are looking to design a favicon for your website, it might seem overwhelming at first. After all, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. However, if you have the right strategy, then you can create a favicon that truly helps you accomplish your business goals. Here are five steps to keep in mind when designing a winning favicon for your site.

Image via Axis Realty


It can be tempting to try to design a favicon that is flashy, colorful, and ornate. However, when it comes to favicons, this usually isn’t a good idea. Favicons are tiny images with very little room for detail. Trying to pack too much into your design will result in a cluttered and messy favicon, potentially turning people away from your site.

Color Schemes

The colors that you choose for your favicon are crucial to its design. Don’t choose colors that do not mesh together well or that cancel each other out. Also be sure to design it with contrast in mind. If you have a white background with a light gray logo in the middle, for instance, then it could be hard or impossible for most users to see.

Image via Correlate – Dropbox


There are strong elements of symbolism in your favicon whether you plan them or not. People are going to make a first impression of your brand when they see it. Be sure that the symbols you choose evoke the right emotions that are relevant to your company’s mission.

Image via Crunchbase – Xyngular

Logo Matching

Your favicon is a creative opportunity to design something new and unique. But it also must be in line with your overall design themes and logos in your business. When in doubt, keep the favicon as close to the design of your core logo as possible to be consistent with your branding.


People are more likely to remember something that they perceived to be bold or different. This means that your logo should use bright colors whenever possible. Consider taking your brand colors and turning up the saturation to create the favicon version. This also serves the purpose of making it stand out more when they are browsing the web and make them more likely to navigate to that tab again.

In today’s world, digital marketing and design are crucial to growing your brand. In other words, it pays to get it right. If you feel like you need professional help, reach out to our skilled design team.