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What Everyone Going to a Trade Show or Convention Needs to Bring

August 21, 2018

Once you decide to host a booth at a trade show or convention, your thoughts may immediately turn to preparing for this significant marketing opportunity. You understandably want to take every step possible to maximize your return on investment and to generate many new leads or even finalize sales for your business. As you prepare for the big event, plan for some of these essentials to ensure that your bases are covered.

Signs and Banners

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When trade show or convention attendees walk down aisles, they will glance at your posters or banners to determine their interest in or need for your products or services. Rather than go up to your table and strike up a conversation, they will gather critical information from signs and displays initially. Therefore, your signs and banners should be eye-catching and professional. More than that, they need to tell passersby what you offer as well as provide them an incentive to stop and chat. Remember that you will need cases or other storage containers to safely transport your signs and banners to and from the convention center.

Promotional Materials

You and your team should pass out flyers and brochures so that attendees can get more information about your products or services conveniently. Remember that attendees will visit numerous booths, and they will usually review all of the material that they obtain after they get back to their office. Your flyers or brochures will remind them about you and will encourage them to reach out to you. You can also pass out business cards, personalized forms and more.

Electronics and Transport

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Some booths are rather basic, and they consist of a few signs or banners and a table filled with brochures and other promotional items. Other stalls are more elaborate, and they may include numerous audio-visual displays. These displays may help your business to get more attention, and they can help you to get your message across in memorable ways. Some companies may also bring laptops, a sound system or other items to use in their booth. Protective shipping cases are essential if you intend to haul equipment in and out of the convention center safely and conveniently.

Consider the environment at a busy trade show or convention, and think about how you can get the audience’s attention while also quickly passing along vital information to them. In addition, plan ahead for how you will conveniently get your materials and supplies in and out of the center. By taking these steps, you can be better prepared for the big event.