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How to Create Shareable Social Media Graphics

June 1, 2018

If you’re a business owner or blogger who has had difficulty creating graphics for your brand, you’re in the right place. Below we are going to go over different kinds of social media graphics you can create for your business marketing strategy, how you can help them gain traction, and why you should utilize them online. Once you get the hang of creating your own social media graphics, it will become second nature. Using graphics correctly in advertising is key to getting customers attention, improving your bottom line, and getting a good advertising strategy in place. Use these ideas to improve your graphic ideas.

Before We Begin

Before developing anything for your brand, you need to be sure what you’re making is consistent with your branding. We assume you have a strategy created for your brand or that your brand identity is already well-established. The reason you need strong branding under your belt before creating graphics is that the visual elements of your marketing (like social media graphics) can either add to your brand recognition or they can confuse your audience. Colors, typefaces, and style should be consistent throughout all your designs.

Social Media Images

There are several different kinds of images you’ll probably want to learn how to create. Each one serves a slightly different purpose and engages your followers differently. It’s best to learn how to make as many of these as possible. You can utilize any graphic design software to get the job done. Professional designers will use Adobe products or a similar solution, like GIMP. If you aren’t worried about a professional solution right now, try an easier, blogger-approved method like Canva or Picmonkey.

Quote Graphics

You’ve probably seen these around, no matter what niche or industry you’re in. Most influencers and brands will occasionally post inspirational or helpful quotes as part of their social media strategy. If you can master creating typographic layouts with your brand fonts, the opportunities are endless here. Some quote graphics are made successfully with a single font. Choose quotes that are relevant to your target audience and that you know will resonate with them. Just make sure to include the quote author the quote is attributed to someone. Quote graphics can help your audience feel more connected to you and as though you understand them better than other brands and influencers.

Blog Graphics

What constitutes a blog graphic will vary depending on your goals and your blog. If you use WordPress, you can simply check to see what size your blog graphics should be. Blog graphics will help reinforce your branding and break up chunks of content. Your “Featured Image” for each post will be a certain size. You can quickly create a featured image for each of your blog posts by making a template and editing the text and image for each graphic. Creating reusable design templates is an easy way to file down the amount of time you spend creating graphics for social media and for your website. You can get creative with your blog graphics. Aside from featured images, you can make Pinterest pins, images to use as section headers, charts, graphs, and other visual content to divide blocks of text.


Infographics do well on social media because they communicate a ton of information with minimal wording. Visual content is more shareable than text-based content, primarily because of our minimal attention spans online. Creating a visually compelling and factually interesting infographic could be your one-way ticket to going viral. Infographics do especially well on Facebook and Pinterest. Try using infographic templates to create your own in the beginning. Change the fonts and colors to match your branding and them add your own information. Canva and Picmonkey both have infographic templates and elements available for you to use. You can find infographic templates for most other design software out there as well. Once you become more familiar with how design tools work, try creating your own infographic templates.

Creating a strong presence with your brand online really comes down to the visuals. Make sure you have a strong graphic design in place and that you can see how each ties to your brand. Spread out your efforts and watch as your profits soar.