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Unbelievable Brands That Have Taken Over Public Consciousness

January 29, 2018
Brand Building Concepts

When it comes to modern business, it can be tempting to simply look for the lowest price or most convenient option. And that’s what most companies try to compete with. However, you may want to look closer at what the companies you choose are doing that transcends the business world. The power of a company isn’t necessarily in having the lowest price or even in having the best product! It’s all about branding power. After all, there are some unbelievable brands that have taken over public consciousness in recent years:


The Honest Company

Founded by the actress and philanthropist Jessica Alba, this company offers some products for new moms. You can get diapers, safe cleaning products, and more without using harsh chemicals. Because of this, the brand has seen rapid growth.



If you have ever bought a pair of running shoes or leggings just to wish you could return them later, then you will understand the power behind Fabletics. They offer subscriptions for their fashionable sports clothing. That means you can wear something once, twice, or as many times as you want. When you’re done with it, they allow you to return it for something else.


Warby Parker

This brand has become famous for their “buy one give one” model. This means that when you purchase a pair of their sunglasses, they donate a pair of prescription glasses to people in need. This has cemented them as the leader in eyeware fashion in a sustainable way.



doTERRA is based out of Utah – the networking capital of the western hemisphere. This company is a multi-level marketing success that focuses on sharing its unique products with people all over the world so they can have an integrated approach to healthcare and better living. The company has team members all over the globe thanks to their rapid growth and great opportunities. Also, the company gives back to the community, such as women’s’ shelters and indigenous groups in Nepal – earning them a powerful brand wherever they have a presence.



Have you ever wished that your socks were more stylish and unique? If so, it will be evident why Bombas has become a popular brand that everyone is talking about. The ability to get great looking socks that are fun and hip is a game changer for the footwear industry.


In today’s fast-moving digital world, the internet has brought people together more than ever. Technology is changing the way businesses innovate, grow, and give back. The companies above are known for their great products but also what they do to make the world a better place, and that’s something the world could use more of. A brand is more than just a logo – it’s a permanent presence in the brains of your audience. This begins with expert designers to match your message across all your marketing platforms.